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Basics ||
o2.Age&Birthday;14. October 16
o5.Status ;Single

Favorites ||
o1.Color;Purple and Orange
o2.Band;Relient K, Switchfoot, Mercy Me
o3.Movie;Sixteen Candles, The Village, The Pianist
o4.Food;Milk, Wood Ranch, Lalos
o5.T.v Show;CSI, Survivor, Fear Factor

More About You ||
o1.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be & why; I would want to be a little bit thinner, or I would want to have green eyes
o2.Where do you see yourself in 1o years; In college trying to get a PHD in something
o3.Who is your role model & why;My mom, she has done so much for me throughout the years, and she has gone through so much to get where she is now
o4.Have you ever tried drugs or drinking;no, i promised myself i would never do drugs and drink underage
o5.What stands out about yourself; im opinionated and very religious. i dont change my values for anyone no matter what
o6.What`s your favorite feature;My smile
o7.What`s your least favorite feature;my boobs are too big and so is my butt
o8.Why do you think you`re seductive;i havent had a boyfriend yet, so i would have no idea. since ive never seduced anyone before

About The Community ||
o1.Say something to one of your MODs;i want to be a mod please
o2.How did you find us;through _so_beautiful
o3.Promote to atleast 2 people & show the links;

Now, post 4 pictures of yourself [more is fine] you must include a proof picture!

Whats a proof?
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