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so seductive

Basics ||
o1.Name; Nora
o2.Age&Birthday; 15, October 13th,1989.. i was born on a fridy.. nice random fact for ya
o3.Location; Agawam mass home of six flags new england
o4.Sex; female
o5.Status ; single

Favorites ||
o1.Color; red and black or black and any other color. it's fun.
o2.Band; The spill canvas, Fall out boy, Keith Urban, Kenney Chesney, Building 429
o3.Movie; The notebook.
o4.Food; sandwhich? lol i dont really have a favorite
o5.T.v Show; surprisingly top model i just watched a whole day of it yesterday and it's really interesting.. and all those other reality TV shows.

More About You ||
o1.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be & why; probably my weight. it's one thing i've always benn like ahh.. about but hey w/e
o2.Where do you see yourself in 1o years; Being a photogrpaher. Having a job and exploring the world.
o3.Who is your role model & why; My best Friend Nick.
.. He's the ONLY person to get to me and make things stick like i have had finreds that made me change views on life. He's so driven to be sucessful and i admire it and he sticks with me through all the stupid stuff i do and i really admire it about him. I look up to him for so many reasons.
o4.Have you ever tried drugs or drinking; not drugs in general no drikning yeah i have but its not like a every weekend kkind of thing its more once a year kind of thing.
o5.What stands out about yourself; For My type of girl people would think i'm more quiet and shy but i am probably the most outgoing person and loud. People say i'm the person they have a great time with because we do the funnest things and not the stupid things i dont know if that sounds right but hey. i think my perosnality is what stands out about me.
o6.What`s your favorite feature; my hair. i LOVE my hair and its probably the only thing i get obsessive compulsive over. Like i could care less about what i wear or how i look just as long as my hair is awesome.
o7.What`s your least favorite feature;my tummy. plain and simple.
o8.Why do you think you`re seductive; the way i act it can make that kind of situation fine.

About The Community ||
o1.Say something to one of your MODs; HELLLLOOOOOOOO how is being a mod.
o2.How did you find us; it was promoted to me in my journal.
o3.Promote to atleast 2 people & show the links;

Now, post 4 pictures of yourself [more is fine] you must include a proof picture!

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