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so seductive

Basics ||
o1.Name; Laura
o2.Age&Birthday; Just turned 15 on February 20th
o3.Location; Massachusetts
o4.Sex; I'm a lady
o5.Status; Single

Favorites ||
o1.Color; pinkkkk
o2.Band; The Spill Canvas
o3.Movie; The Notebook
o4.Food; Fettucini Alfredo
o5.T.v Show; Dawson's Creek!!

More About You ||
o1.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be & why; Honestly, i would get braces and make my teeth straight- cause i can't really afford them right now but if i could have them then i would in a second.
o2.Where do you see yourself in 1o years; I see myself graduated from college living in a little house on the beach, still trying to figure out what i want to do in life seeing as i have many options.
And hopefully I'd also be either married or engaged to a man that i'm in love with who loves me back.. and would be hoping to have children soon.
o3.Who is your role model & why; You know i think a lot of people are my role models, because so many people have had such a huge impact on my life in so many possible ways.. but the two biggest role models are My Mom and My Best Friend. My Mom is a role model to me because she is the strongest person i know. She's been through so much in her life and she works all the time and doesn't even get paid too much but she does it all with a smile. and she takes care of me and my sister so well - i love her. and My Best Friend is my role model because she helps me get through everything. she seems to always know how to handle situations, especially the ones that i can't figure out. she's always there for me and she's such a great friend. i love her and she'll always be my best friend.
o4.Have you ever tried drugs or drinking; I've never tried drugs and i never plan to but yeah i tried drinking. and somehow despite the good times that come out of it, i still end up regretting it.
o5.What stands out about yourself; I'd like to think of myself as an eternal optimist- you know someone who tries to keep everyone's spirits up as much as she can.
o6.What`s your favorite feature; I love my eyes.. cause they change color and i think thats cool lol
o7.What`s your least favorite feature; Like i already said, my teeth.
o8.Why do you think you`re seductive; hmm.. well.. maybe i have a mysterious personality.. i've never really explored that. and being mysterious can lead to being seductive so that works. I don't think i'm like "wicked sexy" looking but i would like to think that i'm pretty enough to be.. "seductive"

About The Community ||
o1.Say something to one of your MODs; Keiera (kiss__me_harder) is sooo sweet. she voted on me in _so_beautiful and she said i was gorgeous so therefore i love her lol <33 and if she needs a co-mod or something i'd love to be one.
o2.How did you find us; I applied to _so_beautiful but then it closed before i got accepted/rejected.
o3.Promote to atleast 2 people & show the links;

Now, post 4 pictures of yourself [more is fine] you must include a proof picture!

me and my best friend lizzie

sorry but what's a proof picture?

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